See Jane Work

I love the online store See Jane Work. They carry lovely and great stuff for your office and home. It has brought a lot of my long time office favorites together in one beautiful place!

Today, I got an email from them announcing that they are carrying the Thomas Paul line. I've only know him for pillow design - but it looks like he is expanding! I love his site - check out the birds!

Some of my favs sold on See Jane Work include Russell + Hazel :

Jack and Lulu: fun and poppy colorful stationery! I am a big fan of polka-dots and stripes lately.

Cavallini : European inspired calendars, wrap, notecards, stamps, stickers etc.

last but not least of the short list - Kate Spade don't you just love her different classic styles in handbags, accessories, and now paper! (just couldn't resist posting the elephant plate - how cute)


marta said...

lovely picks. i heart all things for my desk. somehow they have spread into my drawers, onto my shelves, in baskets underneath my desk, etc. i'm a fool for papergoods.

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for all papergoods too!
Lovely stuff :)

Love Thomas Paul pillows. I think I have about five different ones in my house. They add so much to each room.

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