Oh Regina!

I just played the Regina Spektor's albums I have, on repeat like over and over for the um-teenth time. Needless to say, her sound is definitely in my head. Have had her tunes for quite a while, (circa 2002) and it seems like she is now starting to receive the love, finally - it's about time. I think I even heard one of her songs playing in the grocery store the other day? Well, anyways love her stuff! I think she has a hauntingly beautiful voice, quirky lyrics and ahh that piano is stunning - can I say perhaps, the next Tori Amos? Regina is going to get even more famous - I just feel it, wish I could invest. Songs that keep re-entering my head: Hotel Song, (although I am not a big coke fan) and Better. Love this video, and wouldn't it be fun to play in all those colors?

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Andrea said...

Well Rachel...I am now hooked to this song!

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