Polaroid sensations

Polaroids are wooing me lately, perhaps because I got a new polaroid camera for Christmas, and I was missing my digital camera for the last month (finally back, crazy story).

I am inspired by the above shots by Robert Reader's via Decor 8, go check out his etsy,

and also the recently blogged about all over Jen with a must see polaroid blog and flickr. Ahh.. inspiration. (via Simple Lovely + Frolic)


Chelsea said...

Oooh. Hopefully, you will show us some of your Polaroids!

Pomegranate said...

I'm thinking of getting one. I like the old/vintage look u get from polaroid pics.

she planted a tree said...


Linda said...

i'm also thinking of getting a polaroid camera. do you have any recommendations on how to achieve that vintage look?

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I read that Polaroid are going to stop producing Polaroid-Film.

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