Dani Brubaker Photography

One of the best kids photographers I've seen in a while, Dani Brubaker is a new favorite find from perusing Small. I like how each shot doesn't seem to be over staged, and their a deeper truth at every glance. Her motto rings true to her work : "beauty need only be a whisper".


Tracey said...

Childhood- the feeling of unadultered happiness. She has captured the meaning of being a child!

Bueller said...


Stephanie said...

Cool, a fellow Brubaker :) LOVE her photographs.

Heather said...

um...love her work!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah isn't this photographer that sold the "private" britney spears' family photoshoot... no integrity what so ever but I'm sure the pocket is full of green.

What a shame

amanda said...

That photographer didn't sell the photos of Britney. Britney did herself. Check out this article.

By Courtney Hazlett
The Scoop
updated 7:36 p.m. PT, Thurs., Jan. 17, 2008


Courtney Hazlett
The Scoop
Britney Spears is responsible for the publication of the “personal” photos of her and her kids that have found their way into the pages of OK! Magazine for two weeks running. The photos, which are beautiful, were rumored to have been sold to the mag by photographer Dani Brubaker, but a source familiar with Spears’ negotiations says that is not true.

“That’s absolutely made up, there is no lawsuit,” said the source. “In fact, Britney loves all of this. Look how gorgeous she looks.”

The source went on to say that this is at least one case where Spears should be given credit for playing the public well. “She’s a savvy fox. The week she loses her kids, these pictures that were taken months ago suddenly show up. It’s brilliant. She knew what was going to happen (with that custody hearing) and how she’d fight back.”

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