Portable Pandora

One of the new applications I am excited about on the iphone, which you can also get for your ipod touch is Pandora!! If you are unfamiliar with Pandora, it is a free online streaming radio experience in which you create your own stations with a band or song you love, and it will play similar music selections. I have found lots of great tunes this way. Go (re) acquaint yourself. It has recently improved.

(btw.. can you believe they sold 1 million 3g iphones the first weekend? crazy...eh )


JanelleGrace said...

I love Pandora, I use it at work to listen to music.

But I am not getting an iPhone. Ever. Unless for some reason my life completely changes and I actually need it. I'll stick with my free phones.

apatheticfervor said...

^^^^^^think of it as a pocket consolidator. one device replaces ipod, work blackberry, personal phone, gps, laptop(to a certain extent)

Fun stuff. are you going to spotlight the iphone lightsaber next??

JanelleGrace said...

But I don't have an iPod, work blackberry, gps, or laptop that I would carry around.

That's why I stick with free phones, I use it for minimal calling and texting and that is it.

SeƱorita Puri said...

i'm definetely not buying an ipod, I love my blackberry pearl 8110 way too much, besides pandora doesn't work for spanish IPs.
Here's a gadget you might be interested in: a keyboard-sticker for iphone, if you miss traditional touch keys


;-) Puri

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