100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake

Have you been to the blog 100 Layer Cake? My first time visiting was last week! I am attracted to its beautiful layout and content relating to weddings. They share cool stuff like the invitation above (read and see here) the cool calligraphy below (show below) and Jenna's inspiration board. (swoon)


Jewell Nelson said...

Oh, THANK YOU Rachel! What an awesome discovery. I am going to "waste" a considerable amount of time here.

I am squealing with delight at the interaction between those swashy letters.

Jewell Nelson said...

OK, that's funny, I just left a comment signed in as my daughter, Jewell.

100layercake said...

Thanks so much for featuring our site! We are having a blast working on it. And of course, we love your site too!


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