Blue Inspiration by guest: Jeanie Nelson

New Zealand King Fisher illustration by Sir Walter Lawry Buller
Bedroom Burnham Design
Eltham Vine Wallpaper
Letterpress bird card
Chatillon fabric by JAB silks:
Marc jacobs big slice wristlet:
Closeup of ABC card


knack said...

wow.... what a beautiful and inspirational post! xo

Anonymous said...

ooh, that blue chaise lounge in that top photo is absolutely dreamy. love the color palette!

Yellowgoat said...

love the color.

Mouse said...

I once went to this mid-century mansion in Seattle all decked out in that color. I love it--que sixties!

Laura Lucille said...

that's great wallpaper.

un-bride said...

Sigh .. can I live in the blue room in the upper right corner? Pretty please?

princess lasertron said...

one of my favorite colors ever
so inspiring!

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