Guest Blogger: Melissa Esplin


I am happy to introduce guest blogger Melissa Esplin this week. I came across Melissa's website through a mutual friend and enjoy her dedication to all things creative. I haven't met Melissa in person, (hope to soon) but I am excited to see into her art filled world. She has fun handmade things in her etsy shop and I am still cracking up about these Valentine's her husband made for her, and this beautifully designed Valentine game. Hello and welcome Melissa!

Name: Melissa Esplin
Location: California/Utah/Arizona

I love painting, drawing, designing, photographing, sewing, cooking, bookbinding and anything DIY that gets my hands dirty and makes giant messes. I enjoy doing a little bit of everything, and at the very least it keeps life interesting.

I'm very excited to share with you my current favorite music, designers, artists, crafts, websites and ideas!! Thanks Rachel, for this opportunity!!


Claudette said...

It was nice meeting your guest blogger, but what I really want to comment on is your website. It is really beautiful ... I'd use the word graceful. Your love of art and beauty is evident here. Really enjoyed visiting. Congrats on "Blog of Note" honor.

Jenn said...

I have not yet met Melissa either, but she is incredibly cool and talented. Her blog is great, I'm certain her guest posts will be too!

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