Shearwater by guest: Melissa Esplin


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My husband does all of the music hunting in the family because he's really good at it and has excellent taste. Recently he discovered Shearwater, which has become a staple in our household. It's likely that 74,75 is my current favorite. If you like Okkervil River, you'll love the musical genius of Jonathan Meiburg.


Sarah said...

love this group; you're right with the comment about his musical taste. :)


Annie said...

i saw them at kilby court a couple summers ago...they're awesome. i'm glad to hear you like them and your fabulous taste!

annalog said...

They remind me of a band I knew in college... kind of nostalgic! That's always fun.

Octavine Illustration said...

going to go give a listen now. thanks for the recommendation!~ (i too rely on the hubby for musical discoveries...maybe i can now show him something new?!)

Lauren | Custom Invites said...

Wow...great band with a great sound.

I just discovered this site and I love it!

New fan,


Anonymous said...

been a fan of shearwater for quite a few years now. they are also really down to earth people, which is so rare for bands nowadays.

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