Sequence by Julianna Goodman

Julianna Goodman

Happy Friday! Check out this stop motion animation created by Julianna Goodman, a graphic designer, art director and illustrator based out of Brooklyn. It is crafted from paint chips, tape, found images, type and a paper bag using Adobe Premiere. The music is entitled, "Five Step" created by Overdub (Dave Brubeck vs. Radiohead). It is brilliant, and the bright bold colors and shapes coupled with the music makes me incredibly cheerful. Enjoy! Her website and portfolio is super amazing too.


ambyr said...

hey lady!!! It was good to chat while I was there in utah! O.k., so yo've inspired me to change some things in my life! first-getting organized!! tell me again how you made that bulletin board in your office! I need it for my kids rooms!!! ha! love your work!! and your creative mind!!! keep in touch:)

Mademoiselle C. said...

I like it.

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