The Great Gift Challenge part 1

For The Great Gift Challenge this week (read previous intro. post here) I decided to find a gift for my sister Becca at the $25 price point. Becca and I are eight years apart but a lot of the time it feels like we are only two. She is a dancer, yoga instructor, she even won an award for 'hip hop dancer of the year' yes, she can really break a move kind of like this clip or this clip. Currently she is living in Texas serving a mission, but she is the type of gal that wants to go to an ashram and study yoga in India when she is done with her eighteen month service. If I had to sum up Becca as a book title, her title would be, "Eat, Pray, Love" -- (at least the good methodical, and wanderlust parts) to give you a tiny glimpse of what she is like. I love her! Becca has bohemian style and likes accessories so I knew I would head straight to this section on eBay.

Here are a few things that I found on eBay that matched her style:

Hobo International Clutch
Leaf Necklace
Hayden Harnett Coin Purse
Pashmina Scarf (on a side note, here is a video of how to tie them here)

After further exploring this week, I came across these two pieces that fit her even better, and I ended up getting them both from the seller Accessory Addiction.

I was happy to find both of these pieces NWT which means 'new with tags' for the eBay lingo learning shoppers. The Anthropologie tree necklace on the left was $14.99 and it has significance for her because she likes tress and also has a blog called, she planted a tree. The gold and pearl Banana Republic earrings which I did a "best offer bid" on were scored for $8.50. The total of both of these pieces was just under the $25 budget coming in at $23.49 excluding shipping. Can't wait to see what I will find next week for the $75 price point, stay tuned. Also, remember to sign up for The Great Gift Challenge $1,000 eBay gift card here. I hope you win.


Sarah Bradley said...

Great finds!

susan yee said...

i think your sister & i would get along fabulously! i love to dance, and LOVE trees too. i adore that necklace :)

stewart and james said...

nothin' like a sister to love on... or shop for! keep up the good work!


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