The Great Gift Challenge

The final price point for The Great Gift Challenge is $300. (Read more about the details here and previous posts here) This felt like a good price point for a handbag and wow did I have fun searching for handbags on eBay! From Tod's to Rebecca Minkoff to Marc Jacobs and more. I bid on multiple bags and unfortunately many of the ones I bid on went over my price range, but wow -- you can get some great deals for designer bags on eBay. I am going to go to eBay first when I am looking for handbags in the future, you can really save. I ended up finding a new classically-styled lovely Michael Kors bag for $265 which full retails for $428.

The Great Gift Challenge

With a bit more moolah to spend, I looked at many things such as wallets, key chains, and accessories, but all the music stopped when I surprisingly came across this Niggli Colour Calendar 2010 -- which is difficult to find in the U.S. and even online. A few years ago Black Eiffel guest Karisa Winkel talked about this calendar and it has been on my radar ever since and what do you know --- it was on eBay! What are the chances? I splurged and went a buck or two over the budget, but the designer I am giving this to will absolutely love -- adore it.

The Great Gift Challenge

It has been such a blast to participate in the Great Gift Challenge, thank you Martha Stewart + eBay. I am happy and even more surprised to see what eBay has to offer. Remember to sign up here by 12/21 for the chance to win a $1000 gift card for eBay -- good luck readers!


Stephanie said...

That is one faaaabulous bag. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

MissBliss said...

lovely bag!!! I think I saw one in black once at a TJ Maxx, next time I won't think twice... so gorgeous!

Giovanna said...

this bag is gorgeous! i'm in the market for a new handbag myself...i didn't even think to check ebay. thanks!

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