Secret Garden

Secret Garden by Michelle Armas

We are currently reading The Secret Garden in our book club this month, so when Michelle Armas emailed over her beautiful Secret Garden painting that she did for Urban Outfitters, it immediately resonated. Isn't it gorgeous! Check out her etsy shop for more of her lovely work too.


Anonymous said...

OMG I have been lusting over that in UO since I saw it this weekend. I just havent had the money for it yet: sad face. This wedding is sucking me dry!

Jessica Fulkerson O'Brien said...

Stunning! I'd love to see more of her works, and other artists', in canvas wraps. I can't afford originals, but prints just seems so... measly. Thanks for pointing us her way!

Brandi said...

Urban, you say? Oohhh, fingers crossed it's even remotely affordable. Hmm...possible. I LOVE it! You've got such wonderful taste.

Loopy said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Gorgeous!
I'm totally digging the whole nature/color revival. Beautiful!

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