Just another Manic Music Monday

Model turned singer with a gorgeous voice = Carla Bruni. I am a lover of french music, because I think it is sexy + romantic + mysterious. Although, 'Je parle un peu français', I always want to learn more, after listening to these beautiful sounds of french. In someone's itunes description of her music, they stated "warm like honey". I think that describes her music well. Tracks I adore = Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre, Quelqu'un M'a Dit, and of course Tout Le Monde which she sings in the video below. She has a new album out called- No Promises, where she sings in English - but it is just an import now - look for it soon, I think it will be a hit in the states. One of those albums they will play while you shop at Anthro or Banana. For a little aural sneak peak enjoyment go here.

ps.: Perhaps being a model helped out, but I think her website is stunningly beautiful. Bharat Sikka took these lovely photographs below, and they encapsulate to me, what one should ideally be doing while listening to a beautiful piece of music.

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Fé... said...

I've had this picture for so long in my hard drive and never realized it was Carla Bruni. Gosh, she's so pretty! And she sings :) What a first lady.

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