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I've been to 2 Aqualung concerts and both have blown my mind. One was very intimate with about 100 people, (the type where you can see their sweat) and the other one was in a rather large theater, which was also excellent. If you ever have a chance to go hear them live - do it. The lead singer and piano genius, Matt Hales is one of the most witty and charismatic rock stars I've ever seen. Perhaps because he is married and a dad, it makes him even more charming and his lyrics more meaningful. My favs from their newest album Memory Man are: Vapour Trail, Black Hole, Outside and Broken Bones. I also like the song of the first video below- Cinderella, and you probably have heard the song to the second video - Brighter than Sunshine, it is a lovely one.

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I have seen Matt a couple of times as well. He is charming, huh?

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