Songs I've been playing on repeat lately:

I am an Azure Ray fan, and if you've seen that Devil wears Prada movie, you've heard their tune, "Sleep". Maria Taylor has done 2 excellent solo albums and this song, " A Good Start" is off the new Lynn Teeter Flower. The video could use some work, but I really like her graceful and pure voice.

My bro. recently introduced me to the Long Winters, and I dig this one called, " Fire Island, A.K.".

An old favorite, you've always gotta have a little Wilco in your life, well at least I do. I really like their new song called What Light.


Unknown said...

let me just say i love, love, LOVE your blog. i'm so glad i found it.. your taste is impeccable and perfect for the non-function hall type bride.

sarah said...

man, i haven't thought of azure ray or the long winters in forever! i need to spin them again. thanks for the reminder. and i will forever have a musical crush on all things wilco.

Anonymous said...

RACHEL You DONT EVEN KNOW! Sleep is the song of my week! I listened to it sunday and it made everything all better. i love azure ray.

Unknown said...

I enjoy reading your blog and especially listening to your favorite songs. Thanks for writing!

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