William Fitzsimmons

I love discovering new musical talent. Like I have mentioned before, I would love to hear your suggestions of what music/artists inspire you. Drop me a line (blackeiffel@gmail.com) or comment below. Anyways... just the other day, I came across a new artist that I really enjoy!! William Fitzsimmons, is my new favorite voice of the hour, his voice is extremely soothing and acoustic. I cannot believe that I haven't heard of him before, be sure to check out his myspace page. (ps. the video may be a little raw)


Anonymous said...

Aah i've been waiting for this guys name all day. thanks for posting your music finds i love it. you are great! and what's that awesome girls name.. is she next week?

Amanda said...

Rachel- What a great find! I love his voice. I wanted to tell you thank you so much for visiting my blog- I absolutely love yours and so it was an honor that you even saw mine. You are so sophisticated and lovely. I wish all people could get to know each other this way- from the inside out.

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