A little music for the weekend

I love the song, "Heartbeats" remixed by the Knife. (Thanks to Becca.) I also adore the way Jose Gonzales sings it. Both versions are addictive. Which one do you fancy best?

The Knife

Jose Gonzales

I've been playing Blonde Redhead's albums a lot this week. Their newest album, 23 is particularly smashing, I think it is my favorite of the bunch. 'In Particular' is off one of their older albums, it has a really hip vibe. If you haven't seen the creativity behind their infamous one pose a second music video which reminds me of America's Next Top Model check it here.

Blonde Redhead - In Particular

Chelsea over at Frolic got the song Eyes, by Rogue Wave stuck in my head. My itunes play count is at 8 just after downloading it 2 days ago. Thanks Chelsea. It is a cute little love song.

Rogue Wave - Eyes


Anonymous said...

(i hope you will understand... :)

thanks to you, i discover Rogue Wave: i love it!!! :)

Alexander Santillanes said...

I love the song 'Heartbeats'! My boyfriend introduced me first to The Knife's cover, and I later fell for the Jose Gonzales track. -X

Anonymous said...

no thank you rach. thank you.

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