Workout gadgets + powersongs

Since I talked about my recent Nike+ purchase a few weeks back, I've discovered some more gadgetry options and info. that will help further empower + enhance those workouts.

  1. Word up: talks about Apple getting Nike+ to work with your iphone, yay!
  2. RunAway ($9) is a clip-on gadget allowing you to use Nike+ with any kicks.
  3. Nike+ Sportsband ($59) comes out today, for those who prefer no music.
  4. Nike Amp+ Remote ($79) use wrist for feedback, & song switching.
What do you use to track your movin' bod? On a side note -- I've got some emails requesting good workout jams, and since my music situation is a little chaotic, please help me by sharing some of your favorite workout and cool down songs. Thanks.

Songs I recently jammed to:

*Breathe - Telepopmusik
*Heartbeat - Annie
*Just Be - Tiesto & Kirsty Hawkshaw
*Light A Rainbow (Whippenberg Mix) - Tukan
*Move Along - the All-American Rejects
*Fighter - Christina Aguilera
*Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Mix) - Andain

*Breathe - Alexi Murdoch
*A Good Start - Maria Taylor
*Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
*You Had Time - Ani DiFranco
*Colors - Amos Lee
*Breathe Me - Sia

{Still inspired by these clips}

UPDATE: Enter "RUNSHIP" at for free shipping on all running gear.


Emily said...

for workout, my favorite is "pump it" by the black eyed peas.

Anonymous said...

Lately I've been listening to these bands while I sweat: The Killers, Black Eyed Peas, The Bravery & Vampire Weekend.

Jessie Cacciola said...

Great post! Ani diFranco is beautiful. I love her song hypnotize the best!
- Jessie -

ali said...

wonderful post! music can really affect the way we work, play and relax. and exercise! great list of songs to work out to. i like "love love love" by tristan prettyman. it starts out like it's a cool down song, but it's a nice easy workout song.

Anonymous said...

Oh perfect timing for this post! I just bought new runners, and on my way out I saw that little gadget. I was thinking of exchanging for the nikes so I could use it, but maybe I'll just get the clip!

"Sit down, Stand up" from Radioheads hail to the theif is perfect for the first song when begining a cycling workout because it starts so calm and just starts going crazy nuts.

stephmodo said...

Listening to Lykke Li as I write this...thank you for the introduction..I'll be sure to pass it along to the hubby--he loves new music. I need to be more motivated to workout--maybe downloading a few tunes on this playlist will help? I know we already have a few already...

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