Friendly Fires + Clemens Habicht

My sister shared with me this über cool music video by Friendly Fires, directed by Clemens Habicht. Their music is nice and upbeaty dance jams, definitely what I need lately.

Clemens Habicht
Clemens Habicht

After peeking in on talented Clemens Habicht's website, along with his mad directing and animation skills, this animation (for the Edinburgh International Film Festival in '05) is also a favorite, he also creates stunning motion filled collage like illustrations and captivating design work.


Anonymous said...

yes! friendly fires! we have had them on heavy rotation since novemeber shaking away the winter blues. plus ed macfarlane dances like a mick jagger incarnate and that makes me happy.

Capree said...

I love Habicht's work! I wrote about him here!

Michelle said...

Oh how stunning! Thank you for introducing me!

Anonymous said...

wow, they are beautiful!

laura tj said...

i LOVE the music!!

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