Circlesquare - Dancers

Inspired by Robert Longo's 1979 series of drawings entitled, "Men in the Cities" shown above, the music video 'Dancers' by Circlesquare is very cool in a wish I could move like that kind of way. I love a well-done dance sequence. It is directed by Bienvenido Cruz, and features dancers Miles Faber, Vincent Noiseux, Julie Chapple, and Alison Denham. See all of the credits here, and if you would like to see a crisp and larger video go here.

(first seen at cliptip)


french. said...

This has to be the best thing i've seen. I loved it.

Joanna Goddard said...


laura tj said...

this is really smart and nicely done. love the shaking screen too.

deanna said...

that video's beautiful. i've loved that robert longo series for ages. i'm glad you showed the inspiration as well as the video.

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