Clever Commercial : Utah Tap

sent me over this clever video clip for Utah Tap. Very cool.

Mike Morris: Art / Motion
Tommy Currit : Art
Chris Rodriguez : Art
Billy Reano : Art
Logan Tanner: Copy
Music: "Mother Nature" by McKay Stevens


Heather said...

What a great commercial! Thanks for sharing!

Katherine said...

Love it! I just heard a story about this today and a co-worker told me about it last week, so it was a sign that I should blog on it. I just started my blog so if you ever take a look, be kind : )

Sarah said...

Great commmercial!


rubi said...

yay byu ad lab!

Logan Tanner said...

I'd have to agree, that'd be a mighty fine commercial there.

ilikewinter said...

Yea Utah! (It's my state) =)

There are so many creative people out here that use their talents for good. That commercial was a wonderful example of it. Thanks for sharing.

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