Maia Hirasawa

Maia Hirasawa

Today I came across the Sweedish singer Maia Hirasawa and oh my, this girl can play the piano. She seems to have a bit of a whimsical edgy feel and she reminds me of Regina. Have you heard of her and her music? I believe her album came to the states this year.

This video is directed by Magnus Renfors and Christian Haag.
Find her album here.


found paper co. said...

Never heard of her before, but love that clip. Will have to check her out further. Thanks for the tip!

sarahspy said...

Yes I love her song "Hush Now"

Jessica Davis said...

yes! i was looking for a good cd to buy!

sarathira sukiman said...

thanks for this, ive nver heard of her before, but its oh so lovely!

you should try listening to zee avi, you'll melt :)

Jenny - said...

I love her!

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