Fredo Viola - Silent Night and more...

Have you heard of the New York City based multi-media artist/singer Fredo Viola? I recently came across his work and he is extremely talented. In the holiday spirit, the above video is a cross continent singing and video collaboration of Silent Night featuring clips of Nils Christian Fossdal in Norway and Fredo in NYC.

If you like hearing one person sing all the parts, you will like this Fredo singing this tune, it is interesting. You can find the song Silent Night here and the soothing Sad Song here.


Krista said...

I'm not normally a big christmas carol fan, but I love this version of Silent Night!

n said...

Crazy, I just got obsessed with this guy last week. I love the pagan lament. I wish I could find more that sounds like that.

Check out the Tunng remix of Sad Song as well, it's nice!

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