Nikki Graziano

nikki graziano
nikki graziano
nikki graziano

Nikki Graziano is a photographer and mathematician all rolled into one. Although math is not my strong suit, the right/left brain connection, structure and concept behind this photo series is incredibly interesting to me.

(via Juicy Clouds > Fubiz)


iheartsunnydays said...

They are great pictures. I love the first one, but being math illiterate I don't know what it means!!

InspiringUs said...

I think these photos are realy useful for students. These pictures inspire to learn mathematics :)

bilbiochic said...

i love these photos for purely aesthetic reasons. i know absolutely nothing about math so that is all i can go with i guess. they are just so calm and beautiful! thanks so much for sharing.

alison richards said...

love the idea... i really hope the maths is real. i like the idea that you can see maths in nature - like the fibonacci sequence in flower petals, that still blows me away!
agreed, it makes me want to learn more maths!

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