Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club
Two Door Cinema Club

Wow... it was a really busy, busy weekend, felt like I barely had time to take a breather! Hope you had a great one. This bright and cheery music video called 'Something Good Can Work' by the Irish group Two Door Cinema Club directed by One In Three put a smile on my face to day. It feels so summery. Happy Music Monday!

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Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh! I want to go swimming so bad now! Happy summer to all of us!

Jenny - said...

Love it! Nice song and great video, I want summer now :D

Christine said...

Very upbeat song. Love the camera shots in the video. I definitely would love to be by that pool on a rainy day like today.

Rebecca said...

Just saw them last night when they opened for Phoenix. Absolutely loved them. My favorite part was when they told the crowd to "Feel free to have a dance."

Helen said...

i love this song, never seen the video though. i would LOVE to go to that pool!

j said...

i'm really feeling your taste in music. I used to spend hours and hours listening and looking for new music, but once I had my girls, it all came to a screeching halt. :[

Caroline Grey said...

I just only wanted to say you that the place in where they are is "Las Palmas de Gran Canaria" a very beutiful isle that you should visit.


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