Man Shops Globe - Down Under

Linda Gregoriou's Home

Every time I watch an episode of Man Shop Globe after it is over I sit for a moment and think ... wow that was incredibly uplifting, and inspiring. Being constantly impressed by what comes from the land down under, I was especially intrigued by the Australian episode I watched last night, and I just had to see more of what the artists were creating.

Anna Wili + Samantha Robinson

Like these incredible paper sculptures by Anna-wili Highfield that she decided to start creating out of paper for her child's room. These amazing handmade porcelain by Samantha Robinson -- some of which she cast out of her belly while pregnant. Then of course the creative genius Sibella Court -- her shop, book and lovely sneak peak at Design Sponge.

Sibella Court
Linda Gregoriou's Home

Also, all of the aboriginal art which is absolutely stunning -- the colors, the patterns and meaning behind them. It reminded me of seeing Linda Gregoriou's home showcasing this type of gorgeous art a few years ago from Vogue Living, so beautiful!

Who are some of your favorite artists coming from Australia? How many of you watch Man Shops Globe? Did you know you can now get episodes on itunes?

Image Credits:
(1: Linda Gregoriou's home from Vogue Living 2: art by Lucy Yukenbarri via Another Shade of Grey | 3: Paper Bird from Anna-wili | 4: Porcelain Bowls from Samantha Robinson | 5: Sibella Court bottles from Design Sponge | 6: Sibella Court from Living Etc. | 7: Linda Gregoriou's home from Vogue Living via Another Shade of Grey )


Dallas Shaw said...

this is really fun and bright- love her sense of style and creativity.

Lady Grey said...

those bowls look just like watermelons, I love it!

the brunette said...

you read my mind! i watched this episode last night (and the one when he goes to argentina. amazing.) but i was thinking about how badly i wanted to find some more info on the aboriginal art, and here you go having a post about it! so convenient!

but really, this show is genius...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they were on itunes--at all. I was just mourning to myself that I still can't get Season 1 on netflixs. Thanks for the tip!

Kirby said...

I LOVE Man Shops Globe! I actually watched the India episode on my flight to India a few weeks ago. He has a dream job!


dulci said...

I love the watermelon bowls!
so cool!!

style-for-style said...

that little bird is precious

kalanicut said...

Loved the episode, all the color and the charming & stylish Sibella Court.

All the eps are also available at Sundance Channel web site. I panicked when TiVo screwed up and didn't record one week!

Unknown said...

WOW. I seriously need to start watching this show. This post is so impressive + inspiring!

Ms Matryoshka said...

Here's just a few artists that I love from my homeland...

David Bromley:
Poh Ling Yeow:
Sarah MacDonald:
Gloria Petyarre:

A collection of artists at the Tim Olsen gallery:

Dinosaur Designs:


amber said...

being australian, i am probably pretty biased, but i think we have such wonderful artists and designers (down) here -- energetic, innovative, and beautiful. thanks for compiling this post!

Unknown said...

They look so great...Thanks
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Anonymous said...

What a coincidence, I'm from oz and I was just given a watermelon bowl for my birthday! I didn't know who it was by. You can see it here:
It's so beautiful and everyone who sees it comments.
As for other aussie artists, I love the textile designer Julie Paterson, aka Cloth Fabric:

MANDY said...

I had a little peek at this on the internet (I'm in Australia,so we don't have it here yet) ... so great, I'm lucky enough to be having two birds being made for me by Anna-Wili at the moment, I'm so excited. I'm also lucky enough to live near Sibella Courts store, so I see her quite often, she is such a great talent and such a lovely girl .... she had a little flea market last weekend outside her store, I did a post about it last Sunday .... and how great are Samantha's bowls !!! Really great post.

kara said...

does anyone know the name of the sydney based gallery at the start of the show? owned by sandra ferman and linda gregoriou, it showcased aboriginal artists.

Treadgold said...

Kara, it's the Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay, Sydney. It is amazing, focuses on more alternative and interpretive artists, well worth a visit.

I also love this post and trying to figure how I can access Man Shops Globe videos! Bring it to Australia!


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Anonymous said...

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