Music Monday : Active Child

Active Child

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

A few weeks ago my music guru brother Jake shared with me some new to me music that he thought I would like called Active Child. On their website they describe the singer Pat Grossi as a choirboy-turned-indie pop musician and when he throws in the playing of a harp -- boy, you've got a unique and interesting sound. The song I like is called, "When Your Love is Safe" and he is totally right -- I really dig it, I hope you like it too. The video below is from a Pitchfork Acoustic session, the same song is on itunes but has a different vibe. I hope they release the hauntingly beautiful acoustic version sometime soon. If you want to hear more, Active Child was also recently on Morning Becomes Eclectic.


Anonymous said...

love the song! thanks for sharing. I listened to the studio version sample on itunes ... and is it just me or does it sound very similiar to parts of "follow you down" by gin blossoms (whoa, hello 90s!)?

Anonymous said...

wow, so interesting and unique to hearing a harp again! still remember growing up with the Marx Brother, sorry...but I think the Harp playing by was so amazing, especially because he was death as well! great post! always love to find new music...

Inspired Shares said...

Very nice! I love the sound of them and the singer has such an interesting voice. It's so refreshing to hear music like theirs!

Lady Grey said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you so much for introducing me.

you're right that the official version is very different, but I still like it (this version is particularly good though!).

Make, Do & Send said...

dont ask me why but i didnt think i was going to like this...something made me click play and im so glad I did because its beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us :) -Alex

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