Wall of Flowers

Tensta Konsthall

Isn't this wall of flowers at the Swedish venue Tensta Konsthall marvelous? Although these flowers are probably not real, the concept made me smile. I wonder if you could do this on a smaller scale for a very short time with live flowers? Mmm... gets my mind thinking. There is something mysteriously beautiful about flowers being lined up in linear rows instead of in a bunch. (via Julia)

(image from Front Projects)


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

beautiful, great idea, and would look lovely for a weeding or any celebration!

Elle said...

I wish someone woud print some wallpaper that looked like this, I would snatch it up so fast.

WeddingXpert said...

Ahh this is amazing! It's like wallpaper coming to life! Can you imagine lining a wall with purple peonies?? I think I'd die!

Temporary:Secretary said...

So beautiful and so simple. I LOVE! x

deanna said...

this is so dreamy. i think it'd be even prettier if the flowers were made out of dimensional paper. but of course that would take foreeeever...

Unknown said...

Good God, this is GORGEOUS! What a great DIY too. Happy 4th, darling.

Oh, My Darling said...

This is unreal, I love it!

elisa said...

Beautiful Inspiration!
I love your blog!
Have a nice week
Elisa from Brasil

Leigha said...

Real flowers would be beautiful. What a piece of fleeting and ephemeral art.

Unknown said...

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whitney said...

so cute. I saw something simular at anthropologie the other day. They taped pieces of dried lavendar to the wall with simular florest tape. The effect was a little more subtle but really pretty.

Kelly Crabtree said...

Simply gorgeous. Discovering unique ways of making romantic and whimsical design choices is so rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

Holly Knitlightly said...

I love it!

Kajsa said...

Oh my. To bad I've moved, otherwise I'd go there to look at it. :)
Thanks for sharing!

dkim said...

wow, that's going straight into my inspiration folder :)

Zafran ali said...

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Zafran ali said...

So beautiful and so simple.i love it thank,s for gorgeous post. Send Flowers Pakistan

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