Best Whole-Wheat Pancakes

Best Whole-Wheat Pancakes

I am often reluctant to try new whole-wheat or whole-grain pancake recipes because for some reason the multiple ones I've tried don't turn out very well. Have you ever had that problem?

Luckily, this morning we had a breakthrough and I finally found a recipe that we really like. The little miss even agrees saying they are her favorite pancakes and let me tell you what, that means a lot coming from a toddler who usually plays frisbee with the other so called 'healthy' whole-wheat pancakes I've made.

If you are looking for a nutritious pancake recipe, give this one by Ellie Krieger a shot and oh my ... the Strawberry Sauce really makes them extra good. (ps. *I used whole-wheat pastry flour instead of whole-wheat flour and fresh strawberries for the sauce).


EMILY said...

I have that problem with whole wheat pizza dough. Seems like a smart option, but the taste falls short for me. That strawberry sauce looks divine! x

Piper Larson said...

I haven't made pancakes in years, but that Strawberry Sauce looks so good - I want to make them right now.
XO Piper

simone leblanc said...

super yum!

Stephanie said...

I'm totally trying these...I've too been looking for a great whole-wheat recipe. I like this one as it's more of a half n' half type gig, which I think is the most delicious combination of all. Perhaps with that delicious black currant syrup I bought? (it's soooo good btw)

fatfatsheep said...

Looks yum, wish you could come over and make these for me.. ; )
Greetz from Amsterdam

torrie said...

Thank you for the 'heads up' on this. We have also tried MANY and had varying degrees of success. I will definitely try these.

Aron said...

Looks so good!
I'll have to try the pastry flour trick--I have a preference for white whole wheat flour from King Arthur Flour. I'm guessing it's similar. pancakes are good for desert right? ;)


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