Music Monday : Angus and Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone

Here is a great chill song called, "Big Jet Plane" by the Australian brother-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone. I've mentioned them before here and a sweet reader reminded me of them in the comments of a previous music posts a few weeks ago -- and I have been playing them on repeat ever since. Thank you! I love the part in the video where she puts her hand and face out of the window of the car, don't you love to do that on a hot Summer day - close your eyes and try it. Their sound makes me feel relaxed, happy Music Monday!

What are some chill songs and bands that you like? Tell me about your favorites...

(video directed by Kiku Ohe from the Silentlights // photo from Angus & Julia's myspace)


Madeline said...

I have become completely obsessed with Angus + Julia this summer. I especially love this song.

What a great pick!

Inspired Shares said...

First time hearing this's good! I am so not in touch with the music scene like I used to be, going to check out more of their stuff!

Julie xo

mariel said...

I am always in need of chill music - thanks for sharing!

Kwil said...

fabulous. first time hearing them.
thank you so so much for sharing!!

KK said...

Thanks for all the new music suggestions! I have loved every single one.

gia said...

Thanks for sharing, a nice break in the work day. I'm dreaming like her.

Maryellen Q. said...

Were you the one who recommended "Sideways" by Let's Go Sailing (paired with a J. Crew video)? If so--thanks! It's now one of my favs. If not check it out!

The Franglaise said...

I love Angus and Julia Stone and have also recently posted about them on Smallest Things . I will see them live in Paris in November and I can't wait! Great blog, by the way. A bientot, Carine

Lydiia said...

"The last of the melting snow" by The Leisure Society. "Forever"By Turin Brakes. Different songs by Cocoon and the way Nouvelle vague sings "in a manner of speaking".

Shirley said...

You are my go-to for great music! Thanks so much. As for suggestions, I think you would really like Keren Ann. She's good chill music.

Brandi said...

My husband and I played this repeatedly as we were getting ready for our big move- love it

Lisa Fuller said...

I am from Australia and so I have been listening to them for years. Some other Australian music you might be interested in is Lisa Mitchell, Megan Washington, Sarah Blasko, The John Butler Trio. Those should keep you busy, I hope you enjoy them. Especially Washington. I've seen her live a couple times and cannot get enough.

ana said...

"Big Jet Plane" is what I'm going to be walking down the aisle to at my wedding! Angus and Julia are truly amazing live and are beautiful people!

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Anonymous said...

if you haven't heard a band called 'the middle east', you should give them a listen. they are an australian band.

check them out and enjoy!!

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