Wooden Toy Cameras

Wooden Toy Cameras

Love these wooden toy cameras that I spotted in the online magazine Babiekins. You can get them at the shop annasusanna peter und hanna. I still also love this wooden camera too.


sylvie said...

these lovelies are ridiculously fun. my godson and band of little nieces and nephews would be over the moon if they had one of these!

sylvie of silver lining

Karin said...

these look like an easy craft project with kiddies...i bet they would have fun making them too. it doesn't seem like you would need a lot of material...but they could get really creative with the paint.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

So pleased to see these here - I love them too and the shop they came from.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

too cuuute!
The lens reminded me sunny-side-up eggs~*


Jessica Szeto said...


Sara said...

I would have totally loved this as a kid! The lens reminds me of an egg too, so cute.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ah.. I'm definitely getting these for my future kids!!! :)


Sara Luxe said...

Inspirational pictures & great write ups.
Really lovely blog


rachel @ blackeiffel said...

The lens totally looks like an egg, good call -- Lenore & Sara.

Traci said...

The colors are so much fun! Great find!

We got the one from Twine for my daughter for her second birthday and it's by far one of her favorite things to play with. We take tons of photos of her, so she just imitates what we do..."yi...er...(1,2 in Chinese) click!" It's ridiculously cute.

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