Music Monday : Slow Club

Slow Club

I came across Slow Club a few weeks ago, have you heard of them? If not... say hello to Slow Club and Happy Music Monday!

A special thank you to Hila Shachar for guest blogging last week, it was fantastic to see her unique finds. Thanks Hila! I am also excited for some upcoming guest bloggers the next few weeks as I take a little time with our new little bundle of joy -- hope to share photos soon.

>> Find their album here or download it here.

(Photo from Slow Club Myspace by Ben Corrigan)


caroline said...

I've been a fan of theirs for awhile now. I loveee that song. It's in my top 10 played on my i-pod. & that video, I can watch it over and over and over again.

emily hope said...

Aw, one of my favorite duos! Adorable.

Hila said...

my pleasure Rachel! I hope you're enjoying your sweet little bundle :)

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