Sarah McNeil

I’m endlessly inspired by images that seem to convey certain emotions, concepts or meanings in ways that a million of my words cannot. Sarah McNeil’s artwork does precisely that. The innocent pastel shades of her illustrations are perfectly harmonious with their philosophical titles and whimsical figures. They are like storybook characters for adults.

The pieces here include: “White Wolf”, “Blue Ribbon Love”, “Lambspirit & Your Mother When She Went to College” and “Tattoo Sweater and Everything Inside”. Quite possibly the wittiest titles ever. To see more of her work, visit this website.

Post by guest blogger: Hila Shachar


Sarah said...

beautiful drawings! i like them!

polli said...

awh these are adorable, actually I just posted some illustrations as well that I might think you might like, it's a similar style as well.



Hila said...

I love them too Pink Lady, she's really talented.

Sone: I'll have a look at what you posted soon.

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