Charles LeDray

Charles LeDray
Charles LeDray

How cool are these mixed media sculptures by Charles LeDray? There is an exhibit surveying his work at the Whitney in New York City right now. I think it would be an incredible one to see! I am inspired just looking through his collection of work online, I imagine it would be pretty sweet to see in person.

On the Whitney website they explain the exhibit "celebrates both the artist’s virtuosity with materials and his uncanny manipulation of scale to create seemingly familiar objects that engage the collective memory. His techniques of sewing, carving bone, and throwing clay pots find precedents in the traditions of folk art and visionary art, yet rise to a level of unprecedented virtuosity and artistic invention."

After reading up a little more about Charles on Wikipedia, I found that we both have something very interestingly in common -- we have both worked as museum guards, haha. While in college, that was secretly one of my favorite jobs, I had oodles of time to think about art.


Robin said...

Ooh I did an internship at the Whitney last summer. I wish I was there now- this would be awesome to see!

StylishBird said...

Oooohhh, how fun are these? Love it.

smoop said...

That's funny, I was also a museum guard in college. Love this post!

Oh, and I am currently in love with the band The Head and the Heart, thought you might enjoy them too. ;)

Sweet Freak said...

Woah - so cool! Can't wait to see these in person in January!

LMP said...

I went and saw this and it's amazing! He also worked with pottery and made thousands of teeny tiny pots all hand thrown. It was a fascinating exhibit.

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