Music Monday : Matisyahu


Although Hanukkah has already passed this year, here is one of the best Hanukkah songs I've come across about it in quite some time called, "Miracles" by Matisyahu. The music video is both hilarious and informative. Happy Music Monday! If you've never heard of Matisyahu, read about him here.

(photo from Brooklyn Press Shots)


Arleene said...

Thanks for the video, I heart Matisyahu.

Melissa A said...

I just saw this one last week. Great music videa.

naomi said...

great song! love your blog.

finally hatachi

the boot said...

i loved matisyahu in college! thanks for the reminder!

Sarah Engel said...

i love his music, saw him live a few times when i lived in San Francisco -he does the most insane beat box!

a tree called life said...

this video is hilaarious!
love matis, thanks for posting!

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