Music Monday : Tammy Federman

Throwing a little something foreign into the Music Monday mix today. Check out Tammy Federman, have you heard of her? This music video is kind of magical with the confetti don't you think? Wishing you a fabulous Monday morning!

I love what she says on her website in this section, it is super inspiring.

(via Journal of my Dreams)


theappletea said...

this one is so lovely! adore your blog!

Unknown said...

so light and lovely... I bet its great on vinyl

denene @ style and inspiration said...

I love this song! Thanks for sharing it. Her voice is so pretty.

Thea said...

really pretty song!

zephyrsarah said...

i needed this just now. thanks so much for sharing! and i love that quote by martha graham, so much.

DesignBreak said...

I have to admit it was a lovely surprise to stumble upon a song in Hebrew over here.
I just love it!
Sending a sunny smile from Israel,

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