Music Monday : Little Joy

Although my heart is still breaking over Japan as I'm sure it is for many of you, I hope you had a nice weekend. Here is a band that I am enjoying thanks to my cousin Andrea. Little Joy -- have you heard of them? They are fantastic, happy Music Monday! Watch this clip too -- her voice is incredible.

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 Photo by Maira Bittencourt from myspace 
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Jill said...

Oh, Little Joy...they were essentially the theme music to our anniversary getaway a few years back (the last one before becoming parents).

I hear them and am instantly transported back to the Horizon Hotel in Palm Springs, lounging poolside, and impromptu games of badminton with my favorite person ever.

Very good choice.

Cordelia said...

Love these guys! They're so sweet. Plus, Fabrizio Moretti is an ongoing crush since the very first days of the Strokes.

Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

That god! You just made my life! I'm being going through a music drought and this is totally filling the void. THANK YOU! :)


caroline said...

I love little joy! I love all their promotional pictures they have out. so relaxing and beachy. my favorites are don't watch me dancing and unattainable.

dani press said...

ah...they are so relaxing and chill.
love them!

david renĂ³ said...

one of the guys was from a band called "los hermanos"

they were great here in brasil

david renĂ³ said...

this video shows better my last commentary


Lady Grey said...

They sound absolutely lovely!

julie digs design said...

listening now and love it! Thanks!!

Gaby said...

I just wanted to say I am new to your Music Monday posts, and love the music you post. It makes my days chipper!

Keep up the good work!

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