The Commission Project

My friend Jordan's husband Paul is an extremely talented painter and they are doing another Commission Project where you send in a photo that you would like painted and Paul beautifully paints it up creating your very own custom piece. The above painting is painted from a photo of our sweet little Miss India, and I absolutely adore it!

Paul's style and catalog of work blows me away, his work is brilliant. See the details of the Commission Project here, and think it over because it sells out fast!

(painting by Paul Ferney)


LiLa AnD cLoE said...

Wonderfull job, yours and Paul`s! Thanks for sharing, I have just publicize a post about it!
Have a nice day, Lila&Cloe

Nicola G said...

Beautiful. Have just purchased. I'm going to have major buyer's remorse, which I hope will ease when I receive the painting in time for Christmas.

Great blog - and that's the second time I have made a purchase of the back of one of your posts.

Now to choose which photograph… Any tips?


IamXcessP said...

Very nice painting and Aesthetic excellence.

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