Music Monday : Cyril Käppeli aka Cee Roo

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, I took a spontaneous break on Friday and barely got on my computer all weekend, a nice little break that sometimes you've got to do.

Here is something for Music Monday, imagination and creativity mixed with music. Cee-Roo aka Cyril Käppeli from Switzerland is a multimedia genius creating the most ridiculously rad mash ups. He mashes together rock, soul, and hip-hop etc. everything from the Beatles and Bob Marley, to live mixes of James Brown, Jackson 5 and more, pretty mad genius. He are are a few of my favorite clips. You can also download five of his mix tapes for free here.

(photo from Cee-Roo's myspace)


Anonymous said...

loooved it, thanks for the tip!!
xx joana

paddle to shore said...

I always LOVE the music you recommend. It's my favorite thing about your blog. xo

Ana said...

Loved him! Downloading :) Thanks x

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