Pretty Books Redesigned : Virginia Woolf

Have you been seeing the mega trend in redesigning covers for the classics? I enjoy every now and again reading on a digital reader, but beautiful books are not dead, that is for sure. I really love the way these Virginia Woolf books were designed by Angus Hyland for Penguin. Gorgeous. 

Other redesigns I am digging are these, these beauties designed by Jillian Tamaki , we bought these for Christmas last year, these Fitzgerald redesigns, and these children's ones are on our wish list this year, can you tell I'm a fan of the classics?! (via > Kate > Jessica)

photos : from Pentagram


a lovely being said...

YES. they say don't just a book by it's cover, but how can you not when it's this pretty? I've only read "A Room of One's Own" but Mrs. Dalloway is next on my list (fun fact: my college's coffee shop was named after it!).

x fallon

Unknown said...

beautiful books are definitely not dead. I have a kindle and an ipad and I use them both for different reasons, including reading books, but I love to look at our bookshelf. the books that we display say so much about us. these are lovely. I'd take those covers and frame them and hang them in a know, if I had any more wall space or a spare room in my apt:)

fleur_delicious said...

nice! I think I particularly like the cover for Orlando - but it's not my favorite woolf (good - or I might have to buy a second one!).

fallon - Dalloway is one of the greats, but I think To the Lighthouse is even better! Definitely put it on your to-read list. It is heartbreakingly, achingly beautiful. So, so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Stunning covers - on my must purchase list right away. Thanks for pointing them out.

Unknown said...

I'm shallow and freely admit it. Pretty looking covers makes me want to read what's inside.

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