Music Monday : Niki & The Dove

Why do most of all those Swedish bands have it going on? My oh my, it is impressive. Niki & the Dove is another one I'm adding to my love for the Swedish sounds. The song Tomorrow is really nice and this sci-fi video is kind of cool too. You can get the duo's album Instinct here or wait until next week when it drop in the US. itunes says June 12th. Happy Music Monday, hope you had a lovely weekend. 


C. said...

I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but I always enjoy what you post for Music Monday and am sure I'll like this one, too!

As for those Swedish/Nordic bands: I know, right?! I never tell anyone this because I think it sounds silly, but it was all those Swedish bands I liked that made me first consider studying abroad in Sweden during college. I liked to tell people it was because I'd heard a lot of great things about the country/region, but the music was a small factor. So, I guess I'll always be grateful to all those bands for "taking" me there!

Karina Cifuentes said...

If I had the option, I'd come back in another life as a Swede! They totally "get it." :) Love this song, btw! Spotify'ing now.

Sandra said...

It's so fun to read this and the comments since I'm from Sweden :)

Suzy said...

Nice discovery, thanks! :)

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