Music Monday : Taken By Trees

If you are a fan of Taken by Trees (aka Victoria Bergsman) and dreaming of a trip to Hawaii like me, this Music Monday and this video called 'Dreams' is for you. (This single drops officially tomorrow.) It was filmed on Oahu's North Shore by Amanda Marsalis and is quite lovely. Oh paradise, take me there now! At least we can go there temporarily with this song and video.

Remember the last post/clip of Taken by Trees from a few summers ago? Yes, I still really love that song too. Oh, and Victoria's voice may be familiar to you because it is in this catchy song.)

(Sources : via Aubrey Road // photos from Taken By Trees Facebook)


Stephanie said...

Yes, please! I've craved Hawaii more since being in Seattle than I ever have in my entire life. Can't stop thinking about it...this video just fuels the fire :)

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week dear

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Peggy said...

Such pretty music!

amy h said...

I want to live in this video. (or at least visit)

she planted a tree said...

love this! You're coming in April right?

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