Music Monday : The Dø

I'm thrilled that Eva from Sycamore Street Press is filling in for me while we are in San Francisco this week. She is super talented and has such a great eye -- you've seen the fabulous letterpress goods by Sycamore Street Press, right? Eva and her family is also traveling around Europe this week, lucky! Thanks so much Eva.

At the moment, we are actually visiting Helsinki. Because of that, I decided to dedicate my posts this week to Finnish design. And since today is Monday, I thought I’d start off with a little music from the Finnish/French indie pop duo, The Dø. My husband is getting a little sick of me playing their song, Too Insistent (from their album Both Ways Open Jaws), on repeat. I can’t help it, though. It’s just so good! You can watch and listen below:


Kate Jones said...

I love The Do! Such eerie sounds sometimes!!

Natalie / Half Asleep Studio said...

Aw, I love them! As soon as their last CD came out I listened to it in my car on repeat for like months to the dismay of my passengers, lol. Finally decided to switch it out, but I still have them on my "Faves" playlist!

Website design toronto said...

ohh,how i love to watch them sing!

Claire said...

I first heard "Too Insistent" a few months ago and couldn't stop listening to it! So good. I don't know any of their other songs, though, so I'll have to remedy that.

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