Florence and The Machine

Florence Welch's voice from the band Florence and the Machine is amazing.... haunting and with her quirky and unique image, I wonder why we haven't seen more?

I don't know if they have a full album out yet (correct me) but after listening to various tracks I am hooked and want more. Her sound combines the likes of Feist + Lykke Li +the Pierces + Grace Slick + her own vibe, I love it.

Dog Days are Over
is my favorite song of the bunch and the video for the track is extremely artistic in a circus/clown kind of way, if you don't like scary clowns (like my sister) watching it could be a little off-putting. Personally I am still deciding whether or not I like it -- thoughts? Check out the rest of their jams here. I believe we'll be hearing and seeing more and more of this British group around.

ps. If you are interested in getting that track you can pre-order it here.

(via Pygmeestyle)


meetmeatmikes said...

I think you would really like Sarah Blasko. Yes I do. Go have a peep at her on the ol' youtube! Thank you for Florence!

flutter said...

I adore the way Brits say "squirrel"


Z said...

I love her !

laura tj said...

i love this song! thanks for sharing!

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