Winner of Kate Endle Giveaway

And the winner of the Kate Endle Giveaway is Libby who said, "thanks for introducing me to her work!" Libby please email me your address and contact info. Congrats.

Thanks again Kate for sharing your wonderful artwork and insights!

Pantone Calendar by Guest Karisa Winkel

Created by Swiss designer, Moritz Zwimpfer, this spiral-bound calendar has a new Pantone color for every day. Its pages are nice and spacious, leaving plenty or room for your notes, ideas and inspirations. Each day brings its own color, ready to inspire and contain your creativity. It even lists the Pantone # used so that you can design with it immediately. Its pages are offset printed so all the ink is rich and dense-- so now even rainy days can have their #401U lining. Listed at $28. Widely available on the web.

Go local

The idea of having a regional favor is very becoming for a wedding or fun party, and you can get super creative with it too. (via Classic Bride)


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Do it Yourself by Guest Karisa Winkel

Years ago I found this wall in an Anthropologie catalog and loved it.

I kept the clipping as inspiration and finally convinced a friend to replicate it in his house.

Using a measuring tape, a level and automotive masking tape (this works better than painter's tape), I taped off the lines (over a white wall) and carefully cut off extra tape with a razor blade. Then I painted the wall—and consequently, over the tape-- a nice clay/brown color. Once it dried, I very carefully removed the tape. Though it took some time to make sure all my lines were straight, I think it was well worth the results! Now if I could only find an enormous ottoman, 3 ridiculously over-priced lamps, and a white couch that's begging to be spilled on, I think we'll be finished.

Another thing I'm obsessed with lately is gold leafing.

Not only can you easily do it yourself, but it's cheap and makes an old frame look regal. You can buy gold leafing kit (complete with glue, a brush, gold leaf and a soft polishing cloth) at a craft store for about $8. I found an old, blue plastic frame at a thrift store and immediately saw its potential. Although getting into the nooks was tricky, I really love the result. One trick I learned is that when you're gold leafing a bumpy object such as this one, it's best to paint it with gold paint first so that it's not as obvious when your gold leafing isn't perfect.

And now the only thing I can't decide is where to stop—the possibilities are endless.

Who wants a gold pot? Who wants a gold computer? Who wants a gold Cocker Spaniel? I do, I do, I do.


All of these wooden toys are just stunning.
(Russian blocks - via Ohdeedoh / Rosendahl elephant /Enzo Mari Puzzle)

H.P. Lovecraft by guest Karisa Winkel

At the moment I'm dying for a pair of custom painted Vans by H.P. Lovecraft NYC.

I met Hayley Parker, the up-and-coming DJ and designer, in New York City and was instantly wowed by her style. She is such a trend setter and is way, way ahead of us all. This girl is totally amazing and quite the entrepreneur-- and she's recently made a huge splash in the design world with her custom sneakers. Featured in Elle and Nylon magazine, H.P. Lovecraft NYC has so many admirers that even Madonna has a pair.

Check out these shoes featuring Lichtenstien, Sonic Youth, and The Misfits.

As you can see, Hayley's shoes feature rock bands, famous artists, and her own graffiti – all painted by hand on Vans, Keds, and Converse. You can even commission a custom design and with your own idea-- though you'd better get yours now before they're discovered by the masses. For around $100, they're well worth the cash.

They're currently for sale in Europe and on her website

And there's more! If you live in Provo, Utah, you're in luck. Hayley and her fiancée are opening an ultra-hip boutique on University Avenue. I can only imagine the amazing things for sale! So long as her shoes are there, I'll be the first customer.

I feel it all

How fun would this be to do? I admire her contagious spirit and aesthetic. Even back in the day with Broken Social Scene, the first time I heard Leslie's voice, I knew she had it. I am happy to see her become such a success. How can you not love everything she does? Props to Patrick Daughters for directing this and her other happenin' videos.

3191 evening style

Are you all enjoying the 3191 year of evenings? I am glad to see they are back.

An Angel at my Table

I've been a fan of the blog An Angel at my Table for a while, and I was grateful to see Holly over at Decor 8 showcase Mari Eriksson's home. Definitely some inspirational interior eye candy.


My love of globes continues to grow and grow.
{Globe cake from cookie, top globe from conran, bottom globe from enfant terrible}

Julie Haus

I am digging the new spring collection of Julie Haus.

Guest Blogger : Karisa Winkel

This week I am excited to introduce guest blogger Karisa Winkel! I met Karisa in college as we took some letterpress and design classes together and she is just one of those fantastic gals who lights up any room that she walks into, exuding a charismatic spark, and fun personality of someone you just want to get to know better. She is stylish, memorable, and has a great eye and sense for design. I am thrilled that she has recently opened up her own letterpress + design studio because her impeccable taste and flare shown in her unique designs. Say hello and welcome Karisa!

After 3 years of being an Art Director in NYC, I finally gathered the courage to start my own design boutique (a life-long dream). Though I market myself as a wedding stationery designer, I also do custom projects and love to take on a unique project. You can check out the work at—but check back because we're updating our wedding suites in a few weeks.

I believe that your personal style reflects upon what kind of person you are, what you believe, and who you'd like to become. Style-wise, I love anything that has modern, clean lines, reflects your unique personality, and has a story behind it. I love design that is concept-driven and means something to the bride-- projects are much more fulfilling when they have a soul and represent more than just "looking pretty."

I just finished a project that was a lot of fun-- the bride wanted something with old New York style, is meaningful, and is totally unique-- so needless to say I was eager to accept the job. For her Save the Date, we decided to use vintage handkerchiefs and silkscreen the message on them. Although it wasn't easy finding 82 handkerchiefs (I was this close to robbing a Grandmother) we finally found them all and I silkscreened them myself. (It's this kind of stuff that I love-- give me a challenge and a creative idea and I'll go nuts) For the invitation, we decided to use a fancy, romantic images with lots of detail to show off the letter press. I'm crazy about letter press because it really shows off the design and has such a rich, tactile feel.

Things are going really well so far—thanks to a lot of hard work and support from family and friends. Karisa Winkel Designs has been featured three times in Modern Bride and the fourth will be in the June/July issue '08. For now we're located in Provo, UT but we're moving the company to San Francisco in June of this year. Thanks Rachel for this opportunity to be a guest blogger this week!

(Me and my husband, McKay Winkel—best friend and business partner)


Over the years, I have photographed a variety of different series. First it was doors, then barns, signs, faces, etc... Recently I uploaded a few photos from my sign collection to my flickr account. I am often fascinated by signs because they are all about typography. And everyone knows the 3 rules of graphic design, right? A: typography, typography, typography. I hope to upload more signs later. :)


I still like the idea of these tag valentines on the cover of an old issue of Victoria magazine. The possibilities are endless in what you could create.


Continuing to enjoy this card that I received on my wedding day. (Thanks Crystal)


I forgot how great it is to look through my stash, maybe I'll do it more often. I love this ad.

Happy Weekend

Have a fabulous weekend! I really appreciate all of your kind comments and emails, thank you for reading.


I've been tagged again by (Uncle Beefy, sfgirlbybay, bijougirl, a little sussy etc.. ) to tell more about me, and to tell more about my baby so here it is....

4 things about V

  1. She love, loves to dance, I've made her some music mixes but Regina Spektor gets her going every time, she has even started to sing while dancing with the song 'Fidelity'.
  2. V loves to wear glasses, I don't know where this comes from but if you are wearing glasses watch out, she'll grab them off of you and put them on her and then laugh her head off.
  3. She just started walking and taking only one nap, which has been bittersweet.
  4. She is doomed to freckles and feist. My husband and I both have freckles, and for the feist, well . . . I am not quite sure where that came from :)

4 things about me
  1. I am an 100% night owl, I have to make myself go to bed, and then I lay there sometimes for a hour or two counting sheep or doing deep-breathing exercises.
  2. I've been listening and reading to self-development books since I was age 12, but still feel like I am learning and discovering who I really am. Like, why do I find it hard to make and share these 'about me' lists? I just don't know?
  3. My 3 favorite places I have lived for longer than 2 months have been Jerusalem, Park City, Utah, and Redmond, Washington.
  4. This year, I really, really want to go to Paris.

For those who want to join, tag, you're it! Tell 8 things about yourself.


Two books I am reading at the moment - Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Idiot and Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit. Anyone read them?


My future summer chateau, wanna visit?
(image from cote ouest via Garden Rooms )


I am excited that these little Eames stamps are coming to town soon.


My savvy husband shared with me this uber cool nature-friendly gadget, called Solio. Wanting a charge for your cell phone, ipod, gps, camera all wrapped up into one, to use wherever, and I mean . . . wherever you are? Plug into the sun (or light) with this amazing little contraption. Solio is the world's most advanced hybrid solar charger. Beats having to look around for all those chargers, and battle those ugly cords, score one here for only 100 bones.

Chemins de Fer Belges + Flying Scotsman

Looking back on GD History and rediscovering lithographic gems like these by Leo Marfurt really made my day.

Band of Horses

A new obsession, Band of Horses is an amazing band. Their website is gorgeous, and check out this video. It reminds me of the time when we heard ghosts at night when we went to bed, I am not superstitious or anything like that either, it was kind of creepy-cool. Thank goodness they didn't move our pillows.

Changes of a sense

My tongue sensors must have altered, (maybe after the whole having a baby thing?) because I have never liked any kind of tea until as of late. This last week, I have been on this crazy herbal tea drinking, discovery of a whole new world I never knew existed kick. I've only tried a few brands and flavors but yearn to find more varieties from all around. Ever changed your ways for the better, a shift in your buds? The packaging in Dr. Stuart's peaked my interest after I saw this photograph of the boxes over at Smosch.


Much more exotic than the normal chocolate box, Vosges has created a Sensory Collection, a chocolate tasting and an intricate game of smell and taste. Looks like quite the experience, a great activity for a small party. They also have smaller exotic sets, and varieties if you don't want to go quite all out. (Thanks Joan)

Simply paper

While flipping through zines, I came across these paper sculptures in Print Magazine, they are so rad.

Bag it

Searching for a reusable bag? These ones are quirky and fun from Melissa Vest Designs.

Points of View

I am really digging Martha B's blog called NIBS, My Point of View. Go have a looksy, it is delightful. She has been showcasing stuff like these luscious garden photographs from Red magazine.

And this playful retro wedding from this Wedding Magazine that I first saw at Frolic.