Pony Pony Run Run

Pony Pony Run Run

Lately I came across the French band Pony Pony Run Run and have been enjoying their upbeat energetic sound. The video is wanderlust cute. Happy Music Monday!

(image above by Mathieu Zazzo)


Anonymous said...

oh, very cool sound, indeed! c'est bon! hehe have to check them out, as well!

bilbiochic said...

i love it! i have been looking for new music and this totally hit the spot! thanks

Lauren (downtown polish) said...

they are great! thanks for the introduction, I think I've found my spring soundtrack.

Richie Designs said...

me likey

Bubble Style said...


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AMIT said...

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Anonymous said...

love this song! we rock out to it in the car all time. so fun.

Eugénie said...

So proud to be french right now !! :)

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