Week no. 14

Road Trip

We're going on a road trip this weekend, leaving you with some things that made me smile this week, have a lovely weekend. Also, remember to enter the giveaway!

Week no. 14

Breathtaking street paintings by Nuri Mora (via Mint).
Came across images of Fran├žoise Hardy in a post from March seen at Lark About.
Minimal letterpress love by Bespoke Press shared by Chelsea.
Cloud Cookies by Fourty-Six Grace, seen at Contented Me (cookie cutters found here).

(photo above by me)


belinda marshall said...

happy travels! i love the car :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

How fun! Where are you going?

rouli said...

so travelling post!!!!!!!!!


summer is here!

cool blog!!!!!

come visit me..:))


InspiringUs said...

Trip, blue&red, black&white stripes, post cards and sweet cookies! I love all this!

bilbiochic said...

summer is here!! have a great road trip! love the picture of the car... so adorable!

Stephanie said...

You took that in France, right? That little town that had the flea market heading straight out into the fields?

CUTE! Love those Deux Chevaux cars...

AMIT said...

Great fun you had.

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