Wee See

The Wee See DVDs are simply beautiful and hands down the best children's exploratory sensory experience that I've come across. My three-year-old daughter is captivated by the well-thought out and curated black and white visuals, and begs to watch how the animated shapes are created over and over again. I enjoy the fact that they allow kids to have an active imagination, aren't overstimulating and 'in your face' with wacky sounds and flashy colors, and are right up any design respecting parent's alley.

Wee See

These DVDs are definitely top notch -- and very impressive, even going to the Wee See website is an experience in itself. It is very well designed, and gives you a glimpse into the Wee See world. Rolyn Barthelman and the creative team including singer/songwriter Tim DeLaughter, who are also fathers, did a wonderful job. Hope to see more from them!

Learn more about the DVDs here.

(Thank you Rolyn!)


Helena said...

This is quite incredible. I find the black and white imagery very relaxing, and I just spent abour 6 minutes watching one of their sample videos on the website.

AMIT said...

Great post.

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johnbrenda said...

My grandchild loves Wee See!!

JeanLee said...

Remarkable concept with gentle & captivating images and audio. We've even gifted these to close friends.

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