Music Monday: Shout Out Louds

Hello... I hope you had a great weekend! I had technical computer and internet difficulties over the weekend, so I didn't get to share some posts on Friday, but I think we've got it all squared away now. Did you do anything fun for the weekend? We have been prepping a bit for our baby that will be arriving dun dun duh... this week! It is going to be a super busy week and month for us with lots of life-changing moments ahead. In the next little while I am excited to have some guest blogging friends fill in when I am unavailable, but I also hope to have a few posts for you too. So stay tuned!

 Shout Out Louds

Well... on to Music Monday. I am a fan of the Shout Out Louds and thought this was appropriate for this week, the song is called "Show Me Something New". I enjoy the upbeat lyrics and the cool underwater nature of the music video. What do you think? Also, the Shout Out Louds did a sweet cover of the Band of Horses that you can watch here. Speaking of cover songs, what are your favorite covers? I'd love to hear about them.

(Since readers have asked and told me that you have purchased Music Monday music I've shared in the past -- support Black Eiffel by getting the newest Shout Out Louds MP3 Album for $5.00 or single songs here or also on itunes here. Thank you for your support!)


Valentine said...

Great song!!!
I discovered the amazing First Aid Kit with their cover of "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" (originally by Fleet Foxes)
Their new album is great, I love their song "I Met Up With The King"

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

It's already this week!!! WOW!!!!
Good LUCK!!!!!

P.S: I have a very cute giveaway running which I think you'd love! How about a new headband from IHOD for the baby? Come and check it out! ;)

Looks Good To Me said...

I LOVE this album! They are great to see live too!!

Julie said...

Love this song! These guys always make me so happy.

I am heading over to hear the cover right now-love Band of Horse too!

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